Differences between lighted makeup mirrors

A lighted makeup mirror is a must-have for all women who would want to make sure that makeup application is done perfectly. The main purpose of a lighted makeup mirror is to provide even lighting on your face so that you get your makeup right the first time. A lighted makeup mirror is especially helpful for nighttime makeup application. While there are so many types and designs of magnifying mirrors, finding the best one may not always be that...

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Five things to avoid when applying makeup

Makeup or any cosmetics are applied to enhance the beauty of a person. Nevertheless, when extremely done, it can make up another version of the individual using makeup that can be unsuitable or end up developing a larger mess with the worst case of acne or other skin disease. The very best method to prevent issues is to understand the appropriate methods of using makeup and what to avoid when using one. 1. Never use makeup in dark or dim...

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Top 5 Job Interview Makeup Tips

If you have an interview coming up it is essential to look your best when meeting with a prospective employer. Apart from showing up to the job interview on time, with a well-constructed resume in-hand, you equally should look the part! You probably know that bright blue eye shadow is not appropriate to wear to a job interview, but you may not know what eyeliner color to use, whether or not to wear fragrance and what variety of foundation you...

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