Massage Therapy – A Stress Reliever?

For decades, massage has been touted as a method of stress relief, but unless you’ve experienced the benefits of a good massage yourself, you might be skeptical. What Is Massage? Very simply put, massage therapy is when the masseuse manipulates the tissues, muscles and tendons in someone. This is usually done using the hands and fingers, but there are assorted methods of massage that involve everything from special tools to actually using...

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Some FAQs

In spite of the fact that massage treatment has been around for a considerable length of time, it’s basically still “another” industry to numerous individuals and one that appears to waver between the therapeutic business and the magnificence business. In case you’ve never had the experience of a massage, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Do you need to be stripped for a massage? The level of dress is...

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Shockwave Massage Therapy

A new form of therapy called Shockwave therapy is aimed at treating chronic pain. The press release says the therapy is similar to massage. In a way it is close since it uses sound waves to manipulate your muscles instead of a massage therapist’s hands and fingers. Here’s the press release:...

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Ten Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is the manual control of the body’s soft tissues and muscles to improve relaxation and health. This treatment can be beneficial to anyone. Massage therapy provides a myriad of physical and mental benefits, 10 which are gone over in this post. -Stress Relief Massage therapy lowers the body’s heart rate and blood pressure, which allows overall relaxation of muscles and increases endorphins. The resulting mental state...

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10 Types of Massage

There is a lot of potential in massage. In fact massage has long been known and practiced for its restorative effects. Massage has always been administered to patients to fully recover from injuries, stress, and tension. Studies have shown massage’s therapeutic claims and so far there’s lots of evidence linking its effectiveness in curing a range of health conditions. Massage can increase joint mobility, restore range of motion to stiff joints,...

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