When you’re are feeling run down and in pain, you often say to yourself, “I could use a massage.”

Massage therapy has more traditionally been used to help people relax and feel pampered, helping to reduce stress and feel rejuvenated. In recent years, more health benefits are being associated with massage, expanding its role in therapeutic treatment.massage-therapy

The benefits of massage therapy are many – here are some of the more major benefits.

Massage therapy treats and eases muscle pain

Massage therapy is great at relieving pain associated with sore and tired muscles. People that are active, people that stand all day, or people that occasionally overwork themselves all benefit from massage therapy.

Massage helps increase circulation to tired or overworked muscles and improved circulation helps relieve the tightness and pain you experience.

Recently massage therapy has also been found to be an effective treatment for those suffering from chronic back pain where massage helps to alleviate discomfort and mobility.

Massage helps you cope with anxiety and depression

While the physical benefits of massage therapy are easy to understand in terms of the benefits for your nerves and muscles, most are unaware of the mental benefits massage therapy provides.

Studies show that massage helps calm anxiety and boost mood in those with depression. The touch of another human that is friendly, safe, and professional in nature is shown to be therapeutic, reassuring, and relaxing.

People that get massages on a regular basis often report feeling less sad, less depressed, and often less angry – all that helps to better control their emotional conditions.

Massage improves quality and length of sleep

Lots of people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. It’s known that the right amount of sleep, plus a good quality of sleep, is key to staying healthy over the long run.

Massage therapy is beneficial since it helps you to experience the deep REM sleep that your needs. There are specific sleep massage techniques to that promote relaxation of both the body and mind, which helps the body to relax and recharge.

Massage therapy boosts your Immune System

With cold and flu season never really out of mind, many think about getting our immune systems in shape to fight off viruses by getting a flu vaccination or taking more vitamins. Throughout the year, your body is exposed to lots of bacteria and viruses, all of which need to be fought off by your immune system.

Studies have shown massage therapy helps increase your white blood cell count, the cells that help the body fight off viruses, colds, and other infections. Massage helps improve immune function, which can help keep you healthier throughout the year.

Massage therapy provides you with a lot of benefits – this article lists just a few of the major benefits. Contact me today to book your massage therapy appointment, or contact me for a referral to a massage therapist in your area.